31.dec.2014 - ride - zero power - crash - mobile app

(Rob Gayle) #1

First ride w/ the iOS app - iphone 6 (latest iOS) + homemade quater turn mount

iOS companion app - observations / impressions / wishlist

  • Very nice having stats displayed where bike computer usually is
  • Could not find a way to switch to metric units (should sync units w/ desktop app / user profile)
  • Would be GREAT to have an option to declutter the main display by removing the upper left and center info panels (power, cadence, bpm / speed / distance etc) if using the mobile companion app
  • Option for audio confirmation when pressing ride action buttons
  • Ride time font smaller than other displayed metrics, hard to see at glance

Simulator app

  • Displayed Kicker power fell to zero, rider coasted to a stop after 17.9km (approx 33min) - other riders seemed unaffected. Waited for power to pick up but after about 20 sec at zero the sim crashed.
  • Strava complained that the .fit file produced was corrupt (likely given that it wasn’t properly closed) but successfully loaded the first 17.6km.
  • Restarted the sim and rode for a bit more (5k) w/o problems
  • Noticed the new buildings behind the first gate - nice


  • Rider status board (mid right panel) while important obscures a significant part of the screen - could a “all - closest 5 - none” option be added to choose how much (or if) to display? ** would be great if option accessible by companion app

  • Option for complete rider status on companion app, here’s the use case… – completely clear main screen – + stem mounted phone w/ companion app as bike computer – + a tablet w/ companion displaying complete rider status


(Rob Gayle) #2

One more thing…

Companion app

  • would be great to see the current time-of-day on the “People Riding” screen (the one visible on the phone when the sim isn’t running).

Would like to be able to catch an approaching sunrise and ride through Zwift Island daylight hours - currently have to boot the sim to check the environment before getting ready to ride.


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Wow, some great feedback, Rob! I like the idea of a collapsable/customizable “in game” list…