30 Day records

I know it’s a common complaint but the 30 day personal records are deeply annoying. For training reasons, I really wish lifetime bests were recorded.

Has a good reason for this ever been given?

A 30 day PB says a lot more about your current fitness than a life best. There’s one reason.

Another app I use only records your last 6 or maybe 8 weeks of training data because after that time it really isn’t that relevant.

You might be able to use garmin connect or strava keep the data you want.

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I so agree with this. I just don’t do many of the rides often enough to even have a decent 30 day, but I have ridden most courses so I’d like to know my last best, even if it was last year.


Ah I see where you are coming from. I thought you were talking about the power numbers at the end of the ride.

You could use ZwiftGPS in a web browser, connect your Strava account to it, and it will give you the option of different PBs to show on the map, along with a “ghost” of that effort.


@Rich_Langston and @Federico_Cribiore

vote this old feature request up, apparently, people have been asking for this for a long time

I think you are not right … or my personal experience differs, at least. Example … Alpe d Zwift. I’m a casual rider and even I admire this route, I don’t ride it too often, as it’s quite stressful for me … real challenge. You know, I’m weak, old, overweighted, my knees hurt, etc … so I ride it once a month, probably a little bit less.

In the meantime, I do other climbs like Epic KOM, Volcano, London, Innsbruck … so my climbing abilities don’t evaporate … it should be the same or maybe a little bit better. Then I return to AdZ to try it again … and guess what? Ops, there is no PR available to me. Like I’ve never ridden it. I have no clue how to compare my current ride with my last one (moreover that last one probably is not my best one I’d like to use for such comparison).

Thus, the current solution is really stupid from my point of view. I believe, it may work for somebody else, but not for me. All I need is to be able to set my own PR “time range”… let me decide what numbers are useful for me. Definitely the appropriate timeframe is not 30 days …


Or, let’s say you ride on Zwift very regularly, but not all of the worlds.
Then, you want to give Richmond a whirl for the first time in over a month. Guess what - you don’t have any information of what your PRs were in Richmond.

Here’s a radical notion.Keep a diary.Record all your stats and refer back to them.Or use Strava.Or a computer.I use a Garmin 530.Zwift saves the data to both Strava and Garmin Connect.I use the 530 to record different values such as TSS,IF,Exercise Load,V02Max.It’s not difficult.

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funny I thought I ran Zwift on a computer, why do I need to get a pen and pencil out, ( like I did in the 1970s ?)


30 day records probably made sense on Jarvis Island. Not with 10 worlds, soon 11 with the 2020 Worlds course in Switzerland, including an enormously expanded Watopia. Even from a pure fitness trending perspective 3 CTS time constants, 120 days, makes far more sense.

PRs are a virtually worthless feature to me right now.

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