3 years on Zwift today and more trouble then day one :-(

(Mikael Jonsson) #1

Get your shit together…

  • fix bugs
  • fix bugs
  • lots of more flat roads / routes without any climbs.
  • give ride leaders tools to kick thoose not following the rules.
  • less focus on race and climbes, It’s not that cool for many many of Us.
  • fix bugs

Almost three years talking nothing but good and trying to get new Zwifters, almoste three years… 
Now I’m not sure that I’ll be a Zwifter last of march 2019 :frowning:

Get your shit together…

Btw… thx for ruin my 3 year workout with new bug :frowning:

(Paul Allen) #2

I agree for the most part (aside from the language chosen).

I am surprised that Zwift keeps implementing more climbs since most of the miles/km are done on the flats routes. I was running up he new Zwift mountain yesterday and it’s already very sparse. Most users it seems are ignoring the climb or have done it once and moved back to the flats and have no plans to do it again. 


(Nigel Doyle) #3

Please, no more flat roads. What Zwift needs now is undulating roads / rolling country. Typical of what a lot of us enjoying riding on in the real world.

You might actually want to say what the new bug is. We’re not all mind readers so have no idea what you’re referring to.

(Neil Bell) #4

Paul, there has been very little focus on climbs in general in Zwift. Apart from the epic KOM (which isn’t very epic) and now (at last!) a decent climb in AdZ, everything has been focused on flat and rolling routes.

There were plenty of people on the AdZ mountain yesterday when I did it, but of course it’s only open to level 12 or above so that’s going to reduce numers a lot! Also it’s only been there for a few days, how on earth dfo you know that most people “have no plans to do it again”?


(Neil Bell) #5

Mikael… what bugs…? :wink:

And what’s the point of completely flat roads in interactive smart trainer environment? You might as well be watching a video and riding on an old-fashioned turbo trainer with constant resistance!

(Stuart Middlecoate) #6



I’m not sure how your attitude fairs you in life but on here its totally unwarranted.

I’m all up for constructive feedback but you offer none of that.

You rant about fixing bugs 3 times without mentioning a single bug,

Your use of foul language shows a level of maturity that as someone who enjoys the climbs means I’m unlikely to cross paths with you out there.  

As mentioned in your other rant there is plenty of flat road for you.

Races are optional so not sure why you get so impassioned about this issue. 

I’m beginning to wonder if you should take up other sports.


(Paul Allen) #7


Actually, there is very little in terms of flats on Zwift. 

Because I have been on Zwift for over 2 1/2 years and have seen every climb become sparse fairly quickly. People migrate back to the flats where a LARGE portion of the miles on Zwift are done.

People under level 12 are in the minority so that will not skew the numbers.


(Steve Ellis) #8

The recent course expansions have included the Alpe climb plus the Surrey Hills (Leith/Keith) along with the more rolling London road (extension for Greatest London Flat) which avoids Leith/Keith and Box/Fox. Road to ruins, if I’m remembering it correctly, is also more rolling and flat.

I’ve see many riders on the Alpe climb since it opened. 

On other days I see more riders on Watopia flat, turning left to the underwater tube rather than up the original Watopia hill. Traffic is denser on London flat roads than on Box/Fox and Leith/Keith. And on the few Richmond days, most don’t use the full UCI course with the three rollers at the end. The flat route is a river of cyclists on the few days Richmond is on the calendar.

Personally, I see that the Alpe fits a niche, but I had hoped more for spring classics type of terrain, as seen in the Ronde van Vlaanderen or Paris–Roubaix. Of course, the climbs of the Tour are more famous in much of the world than the spring classic courses, and I expect the Alpe du Zwift has an appeal there. Maybe there will be more rolling terrain in the next expansion or in the new world we might see later this year.

Then again, if most don’t choose the UCI rollers in Richmond, would they choose a rolling course in a Belgian-based world? Maybe Zwifters prefer the visuals where we’re going at more of a 30+ kph speed rather than a 10+ kph speed.

(Neil Bell) #9

Well, there’s very little in terms of proper climbs either altogether… But obviously what is defined as a “climb” or a “flat” is relative. Most of it seems pretty flat to me.

The climbs aren’t sparse when I do them - you see less people but remember that by their nature, people spend longer on them because they are going slower… So you would need to compare total ride time spent per mile of climb compared to per mile of any other bit of road of the same length. People ride on the flat bits for all sorts of reasons, to do workouts, to hang about… if you are riding a climb you are always committed to it.

But really, this shouldn’t be something we need to argue about, there is room in Zwift for all sorts of routes. I’m sure of they run out of space on the island they can have another one energe out of the sea… :wink: Seems to me that the focus has been about equally on flat, rolling and climbing routes in the last releases. It had been biased against proper climbs but AdZ has gone a long way towards adressing that.

(David Simpson) #10

A lot of people do structured workouts on Zwift so choose flat routes, if you choose a hilly route your speed drops so dramatically on Z1 recoveries that the whole sense of realism is gone.

I tend to use the terrain to do my intervals rather than ERG mode quite often and so riding 5 min hill repeats up the Volcano etc is good but what I’ve been hoping for are longer rolling routes to simulate weekend 2-3 hour rides rather than having to do endless loops.

I hope there are a few updates coming ASAP because this last one took months to arrive and missed the Northern hemisphere peak indoor season. Winter’s around the corner here in Australia so outdoor riding will become more comfortable (at least up here in Queensland!)

Even though I can ride outdoors all year - bit hot in the Summer though - I do most of my riding on Zwift because of work, safety and family and it seems a lot of other Aussies feel the same judging by the numbers; I’d imagine the same could be said for Northern Hemisphere countries so Zwift needs to keep them interested with more roads and fewer loops. And last but not least, why not open up the 3 world’s into one rather than having Richmond/London/Watopia days?

(Neil Bell) #11

I think merging all three worlds into one (perhaps with portals) is a good idea - you can always ride any world any time you want if course by editing the preferences file but it’s kind of depressing being in an almost empty world… :wink:

I must admit I’m a little shocked that some people are spending more time on zwift than in the real world, especially somewhere you can cycle all year round! I use zwift for dark winter evenings when it’s freezing or lashing rain outside, but it’s not what cycling is about… is this really the way some people cycle these days??

(David Simpson) #12

There’s nowhere in Oz where you can’t ride outdoors all year but Zwift is becoming very popular here. 

I live in a cycling Mecca (Noosa) with heaps of local bike lanes and nice rides but during the week I’m busy working or else it’s baking hot in Summer. Winter’s the best time for outdoor riding in Qld. In Summer I ride outdoors at 5:30am to avoid the heat so tend to train indoors and have scenic outdoors rides at the weekend. Also, I’m a triathlete so I get outdoors for swimming and running too.

Zwift gives you options that fit in with your own personal situation and that’s one of the benefits.


(Neil Bell) #13

One thing that occurs to me is that if you are working normal hours the biggest factor in being able to get out and do “proper” rides (as opoposed to just commuting) during the week is light. I live in Scotland and after the clocks change (as they did last week) it’s basically light until 8pm and it remains possible to get out for a couple of hours after work until sometime in September. In a couple of months it will be light until 10pm or after… In the winter it’s pretty much dark outside of working hours, but the climate is sufficiently temperate that if the weather isn’t too bad you can still get out for long rides at the weekend right through the winter too (although you’d need to be pretty hardcore to do it in all weathers). So as much as we moan about the weather here and envy those of you who live in warmer climes, there are worse places for fitting cycling around work…

I lived in southern Finland for a few years and that was further that way to the extent of being completely polarised - you can basically forget about riding outside for half of the year (unless you are into studded tyres, churning through snow and growing icicles on your beard), but the summer was just perfect for cycling. It effectively doesn’t get dark for most of the summer, it’s usually about 15-20C and it rains less than in Scotland…

I suppose up in QLD you are in the tropics so have something close to 12 hours of light throughout the year, and it’s always dark quite soon after you get out of work… I could see how that could be annoying… :wink:

(C hris Strub) #14

It is interesting reading about everyone’s locations.

I don’t mind leaving the house in the light and coming back in the dark in the summer.  I do not like our winters for riding.  (Canada)

It does feel rushed after work, make dinner, change clothes, fill up water.  Get on bike and hope rush hour loons are at home.

I would also like to see some more rolling terrain.  I also admit I need to get my lazy azz on a few more hills.

Having said that, and not to deter from the topic at hand.

Has anyone noticed the construction still on the side of the mountain, just before the jungle.  Most of us thought this would be where the Alpe started.  It does not.  It starts farther up the road.

Could we expect a tunnel thru the mountain?  Interesting.  Dark, flat, with moisture droplets and bats?