3 month gift card out of stock

Of course they will avoid announcing when gift cards are available again.

This was already announced earlier in the thread: Zwift WILL NOT be offering gift cards anymore.

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WT? Really, they have stopped the 3mth gift cards? How do they run out of e-cards… they are electronic for goodness sake. Oh and what if you want to pay for the whole year up front? Well, I have 11kms left - think I’ll try Sufferest or the new kid on the block CADEsport (it’s free) for a while… really disappointed Zwift.

Sufferest and a new player on the block - CADEsport. Can’t believe you can’t pay up front for the year. Zwift may lose some people over this

CADEsport is not new… just CVRcade rebranded :wink:

If someone wants to pay the year up front why does Zwift not give an option in the membership sign up area to pay annually by a credit card.

Great example of how not to treat customers or potential customers. Can you imagine any other business not providing gift cards to customers? I wanted to get one friend one to inspire them to return to Zwift and another to start. I was not going to blow $ on a year GC if they weren’t going to use. I’m trying to GIVE you money to make more money and Zwift won’t support that? Help me, help you…

Completely mental Zwift won’t allow people to give GC to help create new users. I work in a retail business and I can’t imagine how stupid it would be for us to not have GCs. I want to help Zwift create a new customer and give you $$ and yet you won’t help me to do that. I suppose I could be lame and just hand that person some cash and say “please use this for 3 months of Zwift” But maybe they’ll just use it to sign up for Peloton?

Agree, I was about to buy gift card but it has disappear. It is always pain-full when you offer a service and then you make it disapear. At least they didn’t raise the price like they did in the past (from 10 to 15) which is even worst when you run a business. I guess users will always remember!