3 letters plate and cat colors on back of rider

Why not on racing, all the cyclist have a plate on the back, like a pro cyclist, with the three initials of surname and the background of the plate the color of category (like green for B, blue c…)
When the race start for all in the same time, the pack is so confusing, is hard to mark the “enemy”, because the list in the right painel is short…
this would be a awesome upgrade for a competitive racing, a fast identify visual!!

I understand the idea, but I can barely see the plates you’re talking about in the photo. I assume you mean something like this:

Obviously, that wouldn’t work on Zwift as we can’t really see it. Most of the time we just see riders directly from behind, and we can’t easily turn our “head” to read them as they go past.

They do kind of have a version of this in the “Riders nearby” list, with the (hard to read) category letters in coloured circles, but yes I agree it’s hard to keep track of anyone using that. It can be hard enough tracking ride leaders, and they have a yellow panel!

I guess it could replace the “nameplate” that you see at the bottom of the screen, but that’s only helpful for people behind you, and they overlap each other.

Or it could be placed flat like a car number plate. You’d never do that in the real world because of wind resistance, but that won’t matter in a game.

I don’t really see the point of three letters though. That’s just a gimmick because most of the time we don’t know the other people in the race. So you’d see “CHA” and not know it was me specifically. And of course many people have names that start with the same few letters, so it’s very ambiguous. If I’m in the same race with someone called Chandler and someone called Chapman, how do you know who’s in front of you?

I’m voting for it because I think it’s a good idea underneath, just that the implementation would need some thinking.

The plate i think os not in the frame like your pictures, is on the back of the Bib/Jersey, for easy look… About the letters, of course sometimes we found people with same three letters, But If u Go put a plate, why not put a letters for more identify, and the option not only the three surname, the First of name and two of the surname, the First of name and the First of surname only… Much options, and is more easy Mark the right of the two “cha” (much more If considering the two os not using the same Jersey colour) than Just dont have letters and only categories showed

Ah, I see. I misunderstood what you meant by plate. Yeah, a virtual race number on the jersey would be great.

Yes. To add to the ‘race feel’ why not have a race number on the back of jerseys. It could be prefixed with the category.
So if you were the tenth rider to sign up in the B cat your number would be B10.

Seems a good way to keep track when your eyeballs are out and you are on the river!


Oh yeah, the BIB plate arrives!!


And it only took 15 votes to do it! :smiley:

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