3 kph speed, WHAT?

Hi there, complete newbie here still in the trial week, I am using a generic “dumb” trainer and I have connected wahoo speed and cadence with a pc with Bluetooth and zwift companion on an android Samsung galaxy s8, I don’t understand why suddenly the speed drops to 3 kph, everything is connected right, can you explain me what should I do to keep the normal speed or how this works? Do I have to pay attention to something and do something specific? Can you give me a detailed explanation?

Thank you very much

You would have to provide more information about when your speed is dropping to 3 km/h. If you are on a steep climb, and not putting out many watts, this is very possible. The thing about a ‘dumb’ trainer is that you get no feedback from Zwift to give the sensation of climbing, so you may just be going along at an easy pace. Not saying this is what you’re doing, just that it’s possible. So, throw some more information our way and the folks on the Forum will try to help you get sorted.