3 computers, 3 issues... really?

So, computer #1, PC laptop running windows 8.1 - plenty of RAM, plenty of memory-- zwift runs fine using ant+dongle and cycleops power meter, however, it crashes (shuts my computer completely off) after about 5-7 minutes of riding.  no stats are saved, I have to start over every time.

#2 – brand new PC laptop, running windows 10, i7 core, 16gb ram, 1.5 TB hard drive – installed program but it won’t update – gives me an error and shuts off every time.  seems to not be connecting to internet but I’ve turned off my firewall and disabled my antivirus - checked every possible issue and opened ports… still nothing.

#3, husband using PClaptop running windows 7 and a comput trainer – was working fine for a few days, then had an issue with sudden braking and difficulty pedaling for no apparent reason, now he cannot connect - not recognizing the computrainer.  we are pretty frustrated.


For computer #1 it sounds like it’s overheating, maybe because the fan that’s supposed to kick in when the 3d graphics get turned on is clogged or broken?  There’s nothing Zwift can do to just shut off a computer like that, so it’s probably down to the hardware.

For #2, we’d love to see the all the log files from that computer. Does it present you with the log in screen?  What gives you an error, and what does it say?  You could open a ticket with us and attach the log files from that computer, they’ll be in the Documents/Zwift/Logs folder. 

For #3, what version of software is on the computrainer controller?  We have quite a few people using computrainer every day and it’s generally rock solid.  Were you doing a workout?  ERG mode will get harder and easier automatically during a workout.  As for now not recognizing the computrainer, is the USB dongle lighting up with the green/yellow LEDs once Zwift is at the pairing screen?

Sorry for the troubles. We do have tens of thousands of people riding so it’s surprising one person would have 3 computers with issues, but I suppose that’s murphy’s law.