2nd lap of Mega Pretzel goes off course

(Juan Ascoli) #1

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for such an amazing product! Truly incredible!

Our issue… my wife and I both recently experienced this while riding the Mega Pretzel course on Feb 10th. We planned to ride 1.5 to 2 laps of it. Upon completing the first lap, we were directed onto a different course for Lap 2. At 67.5 miles into the ride (with Volcano now behind me), my rider was taken left to Watopia Beach (as in the Hilly finish), rather than taking a right and onto the next right that would take me through the S’s and onto the first mountain climb and Jungle. 

What’s interesting is that my wife was taken on a different, incorrect 2nd lap. Her rider correctly went right at 67.5 miles (with Volcano now behind her), but a couple miles further down, stayed on the reverse Hilly route, instead of taking the right through the S’s and onto the first mountain climb and Jungle.

We both plan to try the “double” Mega Pretzel again in 2 days, and will report back on that experience.

(Juan Ascoli) #2

Reporting back on our second riding of a multi-lap Mega Pretzel selection.  Once again, both of us were directed to a random route once we completed the Mega Pretzel loop. Is this a bug or is this to be expected?  On other courses, we’ve always been able to continue doing “laps” of the selected course.  We’ll be trying this again tomorrow morning. Thanks for any feedback, Juan.

(Juan Ascoli) #3

Me again. Tried the route this last weekend and the second lap of Mega Pretzel is still hosed.  It doesn’t automatically remember the turns for it.

(Lee Warburton) #4

I find this too Juan - I get sent onto the reverse hilly loop. Despite knowing Watopia well, it’s difficult to remember exactly which turns to take and when, so it would be great if Zwift corrected this fault.

(Juan Ascoli) #5

Sorry to hear that Lee. Yes, quite a few turns to keep up with there. I ended up bring a previous ride of it on Strava, had that up on my screen, and used their map/profile tool to see the needed turns. It’s a bit of work but it helped me get through this last double Mega Pretzel. Hopefully, they’ll have this fixed by next Winter season.