25 Hour indoor charity ride.

(Paul MaClellan (Red Rider)) #1

Fellow Zwifters

Next Fri-Sat Jan 29-30 my Tour de Cure team and a local bike shop will be having a 25 hour spin as a fund raiser for the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure. The ride start at 6pm cst Jan 29 and goes until 7pm cst Jan 30

We will have upwards off 100 riders over the course for the 25 hours and will have a few that are planing to ride the whole 25 hours. as it stands right now I am the only one from the group that will be riding on Zwift but you never know.  The hope is to raise $10,000

My goal is to ride the whole 25 hours and ride it on Zwift. Right now I am sitting at 11 hours funded that leave 14 that I still need funding for. It is $25 to sponsor one hour and I am $350 short at this time.

If you would like to donate I will include links below. If you just want to get on and ride with me that would be fun too.


My fund raising page.

The event page on the ADA site.

My team page.