2022 UCI Cycling eSports World Championship Qualification

Zwift is pleased to host the UCI Esports World Championships on February 26, 2022. This time - there’s a pathway for our top community racers to qualify for Worlds!!

In collaboration with the UCI, Zwift will be organizing 5 Continental Qualifiers (Oceania, Asia, Europe, Africa, Pan America), and the steps required to participate in open qualification races is on the Zwift blog.

There’s several paths to qualifying. If you haven’t been racing in this season’s Zwift Racing League in partnership with WTRL - there’s still a path to the Open Qualification races. Please see the details on WTRL’s site, and register for the qualifier events that begin November 13, 2021.

This is the first time that the UCI has created a path for athletes not already racing for their national federations to participate in a cycling world championship event. Zwift is proud to host the eSports World Championship for a second time, and include our community athletes on this exciting journey.

I asked WTRL directly but never got a reply to what it means to be “autocategorised by WTRL as A cat”. If this is meant as equivalent to being A cat on zwiftpower, it would have been simpler to say that. ZRL riders may notice that their team management page displays a W/kg value for each rider, the basis for this calculation has not been disclosed and in some cases it differs substantially from the ZP algorithm. For example, my W/kg number on my ZRL team page is clearly lower than all of my top 3 performances (95% of 20 min power) from the past 90 days. Furthermore, there are several riders in my team who have raced regularly, have an FTP number calculated, but have no category assigned at all!

Some further explanation would be appreciated.

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Hi James - some info on this in the blog - Qualify for the 2022 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships on Zwift!  | Zwift

Category A within the auto-categorization for these events is defined as:

  • Male riders with a performance in the events >4.0w/kg FTP and 250w FTP
  • Female riders with a performance in the events >3.7w/kg FTP

For more information on eligibility please check Zwift Continental Open - WTRL

I hope this helps


Thanks, that certainly helps if we assume the definition of FTP being used is the one used by zwiftpower, ie average of best three values of 95% of 20 min power in the last 90 days. But in that case, why bring WTRL and “autocategorisation” into it in the first place? It seems to have nothing to do with it.

Not sure it’s the right place to post, but I wonder if a similar event can be planned for Age Group, like in IRL. In my opinion the success of the triathlon events relies of the AG classification which give an opportunity to people above 40 / 50 /60 to have a fun racing experience. I’m really looking forward to participate to well organized races based on age instead of cat. (if you are a >50 year old, ranked A; you can’t do anything against 20/25 years old A+ with very strong 30’’, 1’, 5’ power that you can’t have anymore while becoming older, but still ranked A because of your correct results on 20’).

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