2021 Giro de Rigo Workout Series

I’m currently enjoying the 2021 Giro de Rigo Workout Series. Yesterday I signed up for workout No.5, but it ended up being just a repeat of the No.4 workout I had done a few days earlier. It was a good workout, so I didn’t mind too much, but it looks like I’ve missed out on No.5. I looked in the Workouts folder but couldn’t find them there. It’s actually a very good series and I wouldn’t mind repeating them in the future. Will they be available later as standalone workouts?

I think most probably they will be in the training folders under different names. I find Zwift always repeats the training programmes from the Academy’s. Hope that helps

Thanks, Paul. You’re right! I did a search for the workout names on whatsonzwift and lo and behold five of the workouts featured under L’Etape du Tour Training Club. No idea where the other two came from, but no matter, I’ve found a folder full of useful looking workouts!