2019 Tour of Watopia Schedule

(Josie) #1

We have adjusted the scheduling for the 2019 Tour of Watopia for a number of reasons. We believe the changes benefit the entire Zwift community outside of those who wish to participate in the Tour of Watopia. We also believe it benefits the great community groups who run their events week in, week out providing an invaluable Zwift group experience. We want to enhance the overall event schedule rather than to take away.

Why have we chosen this format?

  • To ensure we do not disrupt our own event calendar and denying our community groups from being able to continue to run their successful events that are the life and soul of the event calendar
  • Instead of 1 stage per 2 days as in previous tours, we have extended each single stage to cover an entire week, meaning there is statistically a higher chance that a rider is able to complete 1 stage in a week. If you can’t ride at all in a week, we have 2 make-up weeks for a rider to ride any stages missed.
  • Up to 8 events per day (x8 -Tues,Wed & Thurs) (x5 - Mon,Sat) (x4 Fri & Sun). This is important to make sure that the current community events are visible amongst the Tour of Watopia events. We have looked into riders most popular times per day, for regions with high number of users, and targeted event times around our findings. If a time on monday or tuesday doesn’t suit a rider, it’s very likely that there will be another time during the week. We are trying to accommodate for the high percentage of users. This does unfortunately mean some riders may struggle to find a slot and we deeply apologise. It’s hard to please everyone.
  • By spreading the tour out over 9 weeks, we believe that it makes completing the tour a much less stressful challenge. It will also make the challenge of unlocking the special kit and Zwift aero bike TOW paint job that much more enjoyable and fun. Challenges are meant to be tough but it doesn’t mean they can’t be fun right?
  • We also have other events happening over this time frame such as the Specialized Mix-Tape series. The Tour of Watopia is a celebration of our favorite world and is designed to compliment your riding in Zwift amongst all the other things that are happening.
Tour of Watopia 2019 stage start times are not convenient!
Am I doing Zwift wrong?
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(Duncan) #3

However there isn’t a single ride after 7pm for us UK users unless I fancy cycling past midnight. I really hope you consider putting even one a week at the 8/9pm slot so those of us with families or other commitments are able to take part.

(Jim) #4

While that may be true, you could do a lot better than the current schedule. It only takes 24 events spread out over five days to offer an event on every hour at some point during the week. Weekdays are largely fungible for a lot of us, so I think that kind of schedule would satisfy most people. For example, I can only ride at 5am during the week, but I am happy for a 5am event any day of the week. (Thanks for the Tuesday 5am PDT rides!)

Instead, looking at stage 2, you have ~33 events scheduled during the week, but there are no rides between 12pm PDT and 2pm PDT or between 9pm and 12am PDT. If your weekday ride window happens to fall in either of those ranges, you’re going to be unhappy.

(Vice) #6

While I disagree with some of the logic here I appreciate that the reasoning was explained. It’s a lot better to have this communication explaining why certain decisions were made then to remain quiet

(Vicky) #7

There is not one single slot scheduled in the U.K. mid-evening slot. Not even one slot per week? Nothing at all between 7 PM and 11PM. Any day. I won’t be able to do ToW at all because of this.

(Philip) #8

I work shifts 6 - 14 one week and 14 - 22 the next, when I include travelling time these closed windows extend to 4:30 - 14:45 and 12:45 - 22:30. the times available make completing the tour nigh impossible. The times for the Tour de Zwift earlier this year allowed me to complete all stages, I have seen nothing above that explains why these times could not be repeated for ToW

(David) #9

Appreciate that more times are available but I see three events at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm UK time. Then nothing until 11pm or midnight. It’s just not feasible to train then or at 2am. A lot of us leave for work before 7am and don’t get home, or have family commitments until after 7pm. It would be great to swap one of those three hourly rides to 8pm or 9pm. Even if on alternate days.

(Andy) #10

It is not “likely that there will be another time during the week” if you deliberately avoid the popular times that people actually want to ride.

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(Mike ) #11

Nice change to see Zwift provide some communication on their logic, unfortunately looks like a lot of people don’t agree with it!

As other posters have said, not scheduling a ride between 8pm and 11pm for the UK, one of Zwift’s core markets does seem strange.

Edited to say 8pm and 11pm, because there are rides scheduled to begin at 7pm on weekdays

(Tim) #12

“not scheduling a ride between 7pm and 11pm for the UK, one of Zwift’s core markets does seem strange”
Exactly. I don’t want to ride in a community ride tonight or tomorrow but would like to do the ToW. Will prob do a workout instead.
This bad scheduling is annoying me and many other customers. Please fix this.

(Steven Robinson (CycleChat)) #13

Sorry, but that’s just not the case. You did add more rides later in the week (that bit is true) but at EXACTLY the same times as the ones on Monday and Tuesday. If people couldn’t make those, then there’s a very good chance they won’t be able to make the same time on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday either! Would it have hurt to change one of those many UK 5pm rides to 8pm on just ONE day a week (and maybe a 6 to a 9 as well, but a different day)?

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #14

It look like there is a 6am and 7am UK time ride tomorrow.

(Mike ) #15

Ooh 7am ride

(Mike ) #16

I can only see a 6am ride. Bit early for me :frowning:

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #17

What? 6am is prime Zwift time for me. LOL

(Mike ) #18

7-8 is my prime, every weekday morning plus the odd evening from 6-7. Will catch up with ToW sometime on Saturday, probably when the better half is out shopping

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(Mike ) #19

It does sort of explain peoples point though. Why can’t there be a 5am, 6am and 7am UK slot which would cover 6am and 7am for Europe. If it clashes with a group ride I’ll do I’ll just put the ToW off to the next day. As it happens I’m just not that fussed about ToW now as it seems a complete pain to find suitable slots to ride.

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(Pete) #20

Here in Sydney, just logged on at 4:30pm to see next ToW and it’s at 3am tomorrow morning! Nothing on Fri evening? Disappointed that I may not be able to take part.

(David) #21

Did the first stage yesterday. Assumed there would be an evening slot (UK) time that I could do. 8pm is the earliest I can do, but nothing. I think I am out. With the school Easter holdays the next couple of weekends are also not happening, this could have been so much better.