2017 Kickr BLE dropout, can't reconnect

I’ve experienced some BLE dropouts recently that haven’t allowed me to reconnect to my 2017 Kickr smart trainer. I attempted to try to reconnect via the pairing screen…with no luck.

What will happen is it appears to have successfully connected with my device, then a couple seconds later “No signal” on the pairing screen. I’ve cycled turning my Bluetooth radios on/off on my Android device -> Pixel 1 on Android 10.

Additionally… I’ve only started experiencing this issue when also pairing my 2017 Kickr with other ANT+ clients. Specifically, my Garmin Forerunner 945. It could be a red herring… but, I want to rule anything out.

I have the session logs…not sure how to attach on this forum.

Firmware is up-to-date on 2017 Kickr.

this is sort of a silly question, but are there other computers connecting to bluetooth devices nearby at around the time of dropout?

my son connects a bluetooth wiimote to a gaming computer in another room, and there are times that his doing that causes my trainer to disconnect from my other computer that runs zwift. when this happens the only way to fix it is to turn off the trainer and then re-pair it (and hope that my son plays wii for longer than i still have left to ride!).

note that this doesn’t make any sense to me – it seems counter to how bluetooth is supposed to work, but it has happened many times, and the common thread everytime is the wiimote connecting.

Yeah, there’s nothing I can think of that’s not already in the air (WiFi, neighboring devices, etc) throughout the ride session.

It’s odd…I’ve used Zwift on Android for a couple months…and this is the first I’m starting to experience this issue. Is it a recent change in how the app handles Bluetooth?

What’s concerning is not being able to reconnect. Bluetooth dropouts are going to happen… I’d like to be able to reconnect without having to end my ride, force closing the app, and/or rebooting my phone.

From the pair screen it looks like it successfully connects, then a couple seconds later shows “No signal”.