2014-10-30 feedback (initial installation)

(Jerry Perullo (B)) #1

My PC is connected over WiFi and it felt like I was having some speed/connectivity pulsing around this time, so downloads would be very fast/slow interrmittently.

  1. The update timer/progress bar was having some serious trouble estimating my download time. It swing from an hour:30 down to 3 minutes, back up to 5, all over the place. It took me about 40 minutes in reality.
  2. Once the download and install was complete and the app tried to launch, I got a windows popup error: “X3DAudio1_7.dll is missing or not found”.
  3. Because you register via the app, I could not establish a login to come to this forum for help with that error until I solved it. The good news is that I thus do not feel too compelled to ensure this solution is readily available to anyone looking for it.
  4. I got past the dll issue by navigating the the program files (x86)\Zwift directory and finding a dxwebsetup.exe executable. I ran it and followed the prompts to let it update/install DirectX and it fixed everything.
  5. I’m not that knowledgeable; I lucked into that fix after seeing some online help for other apps that mentioned browsing to their installed directly and manually executing a different DirectX package manually; I was surprised/lucky a similar idea worked here.
  6. Once installed, i only had a enough time to just log in and spin a bit. I rode for one minute. That displayed as 00:01. It might be nice to add seconds.

(Todd Baker) #2

I had the same Audio library issue. I’ll post a note into the tips and tricks since it appears to be more frequent than just me.

(Paul Joyce) #3

Same here on X3DAudio1_7.dll. Your tip fixed this problem.

Zwift still crashes on startup, though