2013 Specialized Dolce Equipped Triple compatibility?

Hello - I’m considering buying the above bike to permanently put on the trainer, rather than using my ‘special favourite’ bike on there but I’m not sure about compatibiltiy.

Can someone look at the specs (aaarrgh - not allowed to include links!) and let me know if it is likely to fit please? It’s a triple chainring - is that likely to cause a problem? I can’t see anything about axle type/size and I don’t know enough about bikes to know if there is a road bike standard. It has an 8 speed cassette, which should be compatible but I believe I need spacers??

Am I better off paying more for a more modern bike? It will be just for use on the Zwift Hub.

Many thanks!

You can order the Zwift Hub with an 8 speed cassette I believe.

A triple chain ring shouldn’t be an issue at all, but I haven’t looked up the bike to check the specs.