2 player

(Mark Rodgers) #1

Need 2 players so I can ride with wife or a teammate.


this is imperative

(Brian Obie (WCCC)) #2

Well, because I’ve also thought of this request (and have two KICKRs that my wife and I use with TrainerRoad)… Really Zwift does support this.  You “just” need two computers.  It’s no different than riding with people from around the world.  Two of the riders can happen to be in your basement :-).  I guess it would be possible to have a split-screen view on a single computer so if the two of you get separated you would each have sensible views but this seems expensive to implement and probably doesn’t make sense.  Use two computers, two monitors, and two accounts?

(j m. (mgcc)) #3

I have thought of this before as you could have two monitors one pne PC but then you would need two instances of Zwift running and aside from the video card load you may run into an issue with pairing sensors.

(Stuart Davis) #4

I would suspect 99% of Zwift users are going to be solo so you’re not going to see this any time soon!

The obvious solution, assuming your internet connection is up to it, is just a second PC.