2 Major glitches: Not a good start (1.0.8190)

(Matt Canna) #1


You login twice???

Slower than normal performance

Workout Mode:

I was optimistic at first, but the gui is absolutely horrendoues.

First for ftp it should start out in erg mode, then for your 20 min it should shift to 2 or 3 standard mode.

Trainerroad handles ftp testing spot on.

ERG will give lower than expected ftp, because your relying on the trainer to keep you in check.

 And no riders when i Logged on?

(Anders Swanson) #2

I’m getting worse performance as well, seems to coincide with the most recent version

(Paul McCombes) #3

Cannot logon - didn’t think to try twice. But that doesn’t work either.

And again - please (optionally would be fine) lose the tune during logon - it grates at the best of times, but when you are repeatedly trying to logon and failing then it gets infuriating