2 Issues, Cassette and Disconnects

(Brandon Harris 1195) #1

I am using this Sram Force/Rival bike that I got, back in 2011, video shows everything that came with the bike, rocking a 11/28. got everything overhauled on it last year because I was going to sell it and now I just use it for a permanent Zwift setup. The Zwift hammer bundle came with a 11/25 why I have no idea… But I spent some time indexing the greats and cant get it to sit right, always a little click happening about every half a pedal stroke depending on what gear im in, and in order for me to get in my highest gear my derailer has to hit the side of the Hammer physically for the chain to jump on the ring. If I set my limit screws back to stop this, I cant get the chain up there. I am guessing what ever crappy cassette they sent with the bundle is probably just not compatible with my setup and am thinking about just taking off the 11/28 cassette from my original wheel and throwing it on the zwift setup.

Secondly, I have a spotty connection at home, but I did my first real ride and everything went fine, randomly I got stuck at 281 watts roughly during a climb and I stopped pedaling because it seemed odd and my guy was basically riding by himself. I had to unplug the hammer and plug it back in and re-find it to get it to stop, unpairing and repairing via zwift did not work. I checked the Rouvy app for a firmware update but it said there was not one available. I am also guessing the times where the Watts drop to 0 while im in a dirty climb its because of my connection intermittently dropping out. I will run a ping test tonight to look for timeouts and was wanting to know if there is a Zwift server I can test the connection with. (not wanting to download wireshark for this small of a task)



(Nigel Doyle) #2

Hi Brandon. Dumb question. Is your bike / cassette 10 speed? The Hammer probably came with an 11 speed cassette. This could explain issues.

The Hammer getting stuck at a wattage is a known problem. You have to unplug the hammer, wait 10 seconds then fire it up again. Also pays to unpair it in Zwift as well then re pair it.

The site https://zwiftalizer.com/ is useful for checking dropouts. You just drag and drop your log file into the window and it analyzes your ride. Expect to see some dropouts and reconnects.

Are you connecting by ANT+? If so are you using an extension lead? You need to have the ANT+ stick close to the Hammer. Best to put the stick in a plastic bag to prevent sweat getting on it.

If you can don’t connect to Zwift by wifi. I use a TP-Link mains power system rather wifi. Faster and more reliable.

Hope this helps.

(Brandon Harris 1195) #3

Will zwiftalizer show network disconnects? Also yeah after a lot of research it is a short cage derailleur and supports a 10 speed. I think the best bet would be to take my old casette off my wheelset and swap it over to the zwift setup.

(Nigel Doyle) #4

Yes it shows network disconnects and reconnects in addition to your devices being dropped. This video may help:


(Steven D) #5

Hi Brandon,

Yes, you can use your own 11/28 cassette if you don’t like the 11/25 cassette that came with your bundle. Those climbs can be tough.

As for your power drops and wattage getting stuck, it sounds like you’re possibly getting ANT+ signal drops, and that can be caused by interference. We have a guide for helping to identify and eliminate potential interference sources.

I can see that you’ve already got a ticket open for this issue and so our Zwift support team members should be able to assist you further.