1st ride today - questions, assumptions, problems & suggestions...

(J O'Connor) #1

First ride stream of consciousness review:

Easy to set up, difficult to know exactly what to do in terms of button presses etc etc. Def needs some kind of keyboard map.

I assume that a given power, whether that be zPower or actual power will generate a certain speed based on where you are on the map, your drafting etc? Is this W/Kg - will a 65kg climber putting out 200W beat me up a hill if I’m putting out the same but weigh 100kg?

I had a lot of “tire slippage” messages no matter how hard I cranked the KK trainer down - is this normal?

Will there be a Trainerroad style target power for the workouts?

Will there be a Windows Phone App? (stop laughing!)

I want to use Zwift as a kind of MMO Trainerroad/Sufferfest - what should I be doing?

Would the Kinetic InRide thing help get more consistent zPower?

I’ve not seen anything but might have missed it - is there a “join a race/ride” option?

(Mark Williams) #2

FWIW, I’m not going to laugh at the Windows Phone app suggestion - I’m going to vote for it :slight_smile:

(J O'Connor) #3

Ahhh - you’re the other Windows Phone user!

(Julio Palacio) #4

Regarding the tire slippage message with the KK, I realized that if I upshift too quickly when getting onto a climb, I get the slippage message and have to stop. I’ve slowed down my upshifts and I no longer get the message. See if this works for you.

(J O'Connor) #5

Cheers, I’ve just done a session and deliberately calmed the shifting down, basically getting into gear, getting the initial speed going and then attacking rather than shift/attack and it was a lot better. So it looks like you’re right to slow it down a bit.

I did notice though that at one point I used the featherweight power-up taking my w/kg up to, a quite frankly staggering, 3.8 and this seemed to cause the slippage message to appear despite my pedalling staying constant.

(Mark Minn HPP) #6

I’d also like to see a Windows Phone app but assume it will never happen. lol.

(Jesper Theil Hansen) #7

I would also love a windows phone app!!

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #8

I believe every Windows Phone user has now chimed in. Just kidding!

I’ll talk to the team regarding the featherweight PU and the slippage message because, hey, that sounds like a bug to me.

Regarding power/speed - yes, it generates your speed based on your weight, the wattage you’re putting out, and the conditions of the particular part of the course you’re on (luckily there are no random headwinds).

Work out mode and such will be coming and should answer those other questions (as soon as we get more details ourselves)!

The Kinetic InRide is Bluetooth only at the moment and Zwift does not yet support Bluetooth.

(Jason Hurdlow) #9

I had issues with the slippage message too, I think shifting confuses it. Not sure that feature is really necessary really.

I will chime in about a Windows Phone/Tablet/etc… version. I would love to see one, and would be willing to work (in my spare time) on developing one (I’m a developer for .NET, WPF, etc…) if the team is interested.

(Jesper Theil Hansen) #10

I believe every Windows Phone user has now chimed in. Just kidding!

There are dozens of us. DOZENS !!!

(Michael Marinaro) #11

Another Windows Phone user here!

(Richard Dort) #12

Me too. I need a phone app, please.

(Mark Minn HPP) #13

It took a whole year for another Windows Phone user to chime in? :frowning:

(Richard Dort) #14

I prefer to think that it took a whole year for a Windows phone user to try Zwift, considering they don’t support us.

(Michael Marinaro) #15

I think a lot of us Windows Phone users also have an i- or Android device. I finally had to break down and get an iPad so I could update my Kickr.


(Gareth Hall TeamZF ZwiftOZ Ventalin2000) #16

Another Windows phone user here, my company forced it upon me, only Zwift app and Wahoo Fitness aren’t supported :frowning: Workmate told me Microsoft are making a tool to port the code from Android and iOS apps to Windows with not a lot of fuss, lets hope.



(Richard Dort) #17

The Android bridge has been abandoned, but it turns out for those in the know it seems its not hard to hack android apps to work on windows. But, the other thing is that Android has almost nothing important that isn’t on iOS, so why work on both? But now that Windows 10 is universal, when a company writes and app for the millions and millions of Windows 10 desktop users, it is very simple for the developer to make it work on the phone too, from what I understand. So I have noticed a pretty big influx of apps tot he Windows 10 store. Fingers crossed, but it seems pretty silly that these guys can write an win32 app for desktop but can’t write a WP app? But oh well.