1st Place on race board but 10th after the fact?

Hey everyone, has anyone experience this particular outcome. Today on the last lap of a group ride the fence was released and everyone went for it. I happened to have a good day and cross the line first, well it appeared that way. The board that shows up on the left hand side said I was first but when I looked on Zwift power and the App I was 11th. Was I looking at the wrong info or am I missing something. Interested to understand this one…

The board on the left is the fastest in the sprint or kom not the first over the line.

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Hi Gerrie I thought that also, but the time it stated was 5.08 which was indicating the lap time as the previous lap before they lifted the gate was roughly 6:20 ish. So then I thought hmm if im the first one through the finish line which was the last lap for that lap the it should mean I was first, which was great but then when I saw the Results board through the app there was clearly 10 people ahead of me…very interesting. I mean it was just fun club ride so i don’t are about the position actually its more the difference.

One possibility… think of it like a time trial. Your elapsed time was 5:08. Someone else may have started the last lap 30 seconds or so after you, but finished it faster than you. They could still be behind you, yet faster. I see this happen all the time… in fact, it is often intentional, as many riders will fall back in order to gain draft benefits during the segment. It’s a lot harder to stay out front the whole time.