142 mm tru axle doesn't reach the end of the drop-out

I’ve fitted my Canyon 8 1 by on the Hub One and everything works well (gears, driving, stability), but the 142 tru axle doesn’t reach the end of the drop-out. When the wheel is mounted I can see that the tru axle doesn’t reach the end of the drop-out, but 2-3 mm more than when mounted on the Hub One. Below some pictures to illustrate.

Hub One mounted

Wheel mounted


Thanks for any help.

I’d check you’ve got the correct through ankle, with the wheel in the frame, and the through axle tightened up, it should be flush with the frame, also does it seem as though you’re having to stretch the frame to get it on the trainer

The bicycle is new and the thru axle (12x142) is the same as advertised in the specs of the bicycle. The frame fits the Hub One exactly.