14 day - Mission / Support Contact Buttons not working

  1. Yesterday I had my 14th session in a row because I wanted to complete the mission, which goal that was. But I was not granted that mission. Why is that?

  2. I tried reaching you by mail (support@zwift.com) and I received the information, that I can’t reach at this adress anymore, but if I still needed to reach you, I should just click the Chat or E-Mail button in your support Hub.
    But: Neither of them worked for me! (I used the Opera Browser)

To contact support, go through to the support bot and type in your problem. When it suggests help articles to you, click on the button that says they don’t help, and after another step or too you’ll get to a Contact Support button that will take you to a form that you can fill in to let you email them.

I mean that: these links above (“Chat” and or “Email”) do not work for me when I click them and I am not taken to a form to email them

In addition:

This contact link also does not work for me

So does nothing happen when you press the buttons? Can you try in a different browser?

It works with the Microsoft Edge Browser.

Sounds like a problem with Opera.

For that badge you have to actually ride for 15 days. Doesn’t matter how far you ride on the 15th day, the banner pops up just after starting to ride. The badge description does need to be changed to “more than 14 days in a row”

Thank you, got it.