12 week FTP builder

(Andrew Knight (Grannys Ring)) #1

Having just completed this training program I though I would share the results as I did a lot of searching myself and there is a lot of conflicting opinions around the various forums
I’m 51 and a mountain biker, work means I only ride once or twice a week and I was steadily getting slower and fatter
I bought a Cyclops Hammer, set up my sons old uni bike and started Zwifting in Sept
First FTP test was 219 at around 90 KG
I followed the program fairly consistently, with some additional MTB rides and social zwift rides , mainly instead of the longer foundation training rides which I found pretty boring
During the 12 weeks was my ftp was bumped up to 228 then 258 after some races , and this week I rode a time trial and hit 267 at around 80 kg
So does it work ? Yes, even though some of the early sessions seem quite easy and my first ftp test probably could have been better paced, I’m very happy with the increase, and enjoying the MTB rides a lot more now the climbs are easier
I’m having a couple of weeks off structured training, and then will start 2 sst sessions and a race or 2 per week and see how that goes
So if you’re thinking of giving it a go, ride on !!

(Lin) #2

:+1: Structured training works. It might not be fun all of the time, but it works.

Watts :arrow_up:Kilos :arrow_down:


(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #3

Quite impressive results … :+1:
I’m jealous … :wink:

(Andrew Knight (Grannys Ring)) #4

Thanks, surprised myself to be honest
Was aiming for a ftp of 250 this winter, I’ll have to set a new target now :thinking: