10min Ramps workout has a discrepancy

The workout called “10min Ramps” that is part of the L’etape du Tour training program has a discrepancy in it. In that particular workout the onscreen bot describes the last 10minute block session as “descending” when in fact it is an ascending block. Let you know so the workout can be corrected. Thank you.

This one?


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Correct. You see the last 10min block appears descending and the onscreen bot describes it as “descending” by saying the difficulty is in the beginning, etc… when actually, the workout routine makes it ascending and it becomes more difficult at the end. Thank you for looking this.

Ok - So are you saying that graph I posted is wrong and the last block actually starts easier and gets harder?

Yes, that is correct, the graphic is wrong. If you look at the workout routine itself, the actual workout file (I think they are XML based files) … the ramp is ascending.

Additionally, the workout description/narrative, that needs to be cleaned up accordingly as well. Thank you.

Thank you - Will feed back.