100miles on Christmas Eve

Hi guys,

I had the idea to do a 100mile ride on Christmas Eve. I wanna start early, really early because of all the family commitments. My problem is now that on 4ish German time the London world is still active and will change to Watopia at 5 German time.

What happens during a world change while I’m riding? Does this still count as one ride, because of the 100miles? I thinking about using my macbook and the world hack, but I don’t mind riding in London for the first hours or so if it still counts as one ride.

Thanks, Kai

I have started some rides early enough to be on “yesterdays” world. You don’t get moved to a new world at 5:00, you stay in the world you started in, it just get’s more and more empty as people log out and everybody logging in goes to a different world.

So unless you want to do the last 130km or so in an empty world, use the world hack to get early to the new world.

Though it might be nice to be in an empty and quiet world before the family starts ramping up the noise for christmas :smiley:

Alright, Thanks! Actually I don’t mind being in an empty world. It was recommended to me to ride VOLCANO CIRCUIT in Watopia, because apparently it is the best route for a 100 mile ride, but I suppose any flat route will be. I think I’m gonna ride GREATER LONDON FLAT instead :slight_smile:

I just noticed that New York is on…I suppose NY will do as well :slight_smile:

Only problem with that is, that there aren’t any really flat routes in NY, so it will be a little harder, than Greater London Flat would have been. But I don’t suppose you’re doing this because you want it to be easy :wink:

As most people, I do this to eat as much food (preferably cake) as I can during the Holidays :smiley:


More climbing equals more cake. Get it. I’ll do the Alpe tomorrow, then :smiley:

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Did you get through it? And which course did you choose?

Hey…Thanks for asking. Yes, I did get through. Started a 3:30 in the morning. I used the iOS world hack and ride volcano. Worked like a charm. It’s time for food now. Thanks again for your help! Happy Holidays


Cool - congrats! I was riding around the volcano this morning as well but I stopped after 33km :smiley: