100km ride

I plan on getting the 100km badge but was wondering if I can join an event during the middle of my ride to help break it up? Don’t want to lose my miles before joining.

No, I don’t believe so. You have to ride it in one activity, and Zwift will end your current activity and start a new one when you join an event.

But I think you can do an event and continue to ride afterwards and that should count as a single activity if you stay on the event world.


@Daren is correct.

There are many 100km rides over the weekend.


ok thanks

ok thank you

Consider riding clockwise or counterclockwise Volcano loop (cannot remember the exact name, this is the ride which goes around the volcano without climbing to the top, relatively flat). You will get three badges along the way, I think one for 5 loops, the second one for either 10 or 15, and then the last one for metric century. They are all listed as badges in Zwift, check the list.

You’ll get the badge for 25 loops of the volcano too if you carry on a little further.