1.57.3 PC issues [SOLVED]

Every time there’s an update it seems to cause problems for a particular subset of users, me this time. Noticed yesterday that it had updated to 1.57.3 on my PC (gaming PC with far more than adequate specs) and on yesterday’s workout and this morning’s TDZ it crashed/froze on the save screen😡 Running companion at the same time so then clicked save on there but then seems to think I’m still Zwifting when all turned off for ten minutes and then eventually saves a ride short of time/distance.
Judging by chat this morning on Discord seems to be happening to some other PC users here in the UK as well.

do you have video screenshots enabled? that would be the first thing to try turning off and see if it helps.


And then uninstall one drive.


Thanks guys followed both of your suggestions and seems to have worked :+1:

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