1.43 locks my PC

Upon yesterday’s update to 1.43 I have several issues.

  1. Game hangs during start up. Used to take 2 min to load now takes 11min. I have plenty of hardware resource 32gb ram and an I5 processor
  2. Video is hanging. When i pedal and the avatar responds. It will lock up after a few seconds
  3. There is no go back or roll back remove update feature

Where do u go from here. I have already removed game and reinstalled…that was a no go also

Hi, Have you done all the windows updates including “Check for updates” for the manual optional ones ?

I keep my PC fully up to date with updates and do a regular disc clean which gets rid of all sorts of crap including a system clean which gets rid of the previous version of the updates.

Also keep my graphics card fully updated, its a GTX750Ti which is getting old now but Nvidia are awesome with a new driver every month or so.

If its a dedicated PC and you only use it for Zwift you need to leave it on for a few hours for it to go away and do the maintenance, otherwise every time you switch it on only for Zwift its trying to do a load of additional stuff in the background.

I have a 5 year old Hp Z240 with 16Gb of RAM and it loads in under 1 minute. The latest V1.43 release and the latest Companion App released sorted the only problems I had which was ending the ride and saving using the App.

You need a SSD or solid state drive, forget about the older hard drives now. These are the single biggest upgrade you can make. I’m still using a Pentium 4 PC from 2006 on my work bench but it has a Samsung SSD in it.