1/29 Update bug

I experienced a bug on this morning’s EVR Asia race that I’ve not seen before. About 8km into the race I was in the top third of the peloton then all of the riders in the peloton (except me) disappeared for 5 seconds. When they reappeared the peloton was 20 seconds ahead of me and the rest of the race my avatar was sluggish. I worked hard to finally gain back some time and finished 13th which was a fine workout but still irritating. Any other feedback along these lines recently?


Before a network connection is blamed -   I live in the US and have Google Fiber 1000Mb with a hardwired network connection to my laptop which is a Dell Precision 5510 2.7GHz running 64bit WIndows 7.  As a sidenote, the Zwift update was applied as I logged in just prior to entering the race.