1/2/15 feedback

The ‘close that gap’ prompt shows for AI riders, but not live riders.

On the pause screen, the ‘your totals’ line isn’t populating the calories field.

Same place, the ‘your totals’ for climbed should be in feet rather than miles, same as ‘this ride’ and most other apps that track cycling data.

IMO, showing the AI riders on the segment leaderboard is meaningless. I’d rather see only my own scores, or those of live riders currently on course with me.

The cabin near the top of one of the climbs had some funky graphics going on - the logs looked like they were spinning as I approached.

Haven’t had a single program crash yet.

Would be really cool if the user could input weight, height, hair color etc. and have the rider morph to match - like a mii in the Nintendo Wii.

Also, 11:20 pm here on the US West Coast and there are 6 live riders. It’s great to see more on here.