1.0.10979 crashed mid-ride on OS X

(Peter Pete Ward (Gregarios)) #1

Sorry, I did not capture details, but just in case you keep statistics, the application just quit suddenly as I was descending from the TV station. Just failed to hit 100kph, so never mind.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Thanks for that Peter, and sorry about the crash. I think we’ve got a fix for this particular issue (its only when coming down from the antenna) and we’ll see if we can get the issue patched soon.


(Peter Pete Ward (Gregarios)) #3

Great news. I noted that most of my ride was in my dashboard, which was a pleasant surprise so my Strava records are intact. Thank you for responding.

(Matt Sharpe) #4

Same thing happened to me last night. Guess I have a good excuse to avoid the antenna climb – for now.