0km rides logged prior to events

I’m seeing 0km rides in My Zwift, created before an event ride. It doesn’t cause any functional issues, but it adds unnecessary clutter.


Click on the pen-symbol next to the activity and you can delete it.

I have just started to see this recently, also. Not sure if it is update related, or something else, but it seems very odd. It’s like I’m getting a separate ‘ride’ for the time spent in one world when I first log in but before being ‘transported’ to the starting pen for an event.

Correction: The first instance I see of the 0 mile ride was on Feb 24 of this year. Was there an update around that time? I had only been using Zwift for a few weeks at that point, but I don’t see any 0 rides prior to that, even when joining an event.

It happens when you ride very few km and it doesn’t save correctly before transfering to an event.

Recently I rode about 15km before my PC crashed and it appears in my.zwift.com as about 10km with “Zwift - Date”

At some level I see what you are saying, but at another level it baffles me. I mean, there is no way (that I know of, anyway) to directly join an event. You have to log in and pick someplace to ride. Then Zwift drops you in and you can select the ‘join event’ button.When I do this it is typically only a few seconds in the ‘original’ world, with no pedal strokes made or any power being put out. So I find it strange that Zwift would record this as a ‘ride’ of any sort.