0 watt issue for a moment at only Zwift (No problem with Garmin edge 530)

Like the above image file from fit file of Zwift riding record, Zwift indicates 0 watt for 0.1 second once a 4-5 hours riding.

  • PC receives the signal from Power meter (Assioma duo) through ANT+ antenna (Thinkrider ANT+ antenna) and the antenna is very near to Power meter (just about 30cm without any obstacle).
  • Garmin edge 530 receives the signal from Power meter too. It’s also very near (about 40cm without any obstacle)

And when this issue happens I analyze both fit file from Garmin edge 530 and Zwift riding record.
This happens only at fit file from Zwift riding record. There is no problem 100% at log from Garmin edge 530 always.
As you know, ANT+ of power meter just broadcast the signal and ANT+ antenna of PC & Garmin edge 530 capture the signal.
So I’m sure there is no problem at my power meter. I tried to find some information with this and I found the next post.
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Now, I’m almost sure this is the problem from Zwift calculation. Is there any idea or advice or experience? Please share that.