Known Issues

Messages on subsequent sessions do not appear (iOS) [Known Issues] (1)
Apple TV: Switching from Ride to Run pairs and unpairs repeatedly causing non progression [In Game Errors] (1)
Game issues and crashes when pairing Bluetooth headphones [Known Issues] (1)
Target watts display as zero in Zwift Companion on certain devices [Known Issues] (1)
Water bottle and sticker pack Giveaway Run [Events/Mission Issues] (3)
Zwift Companion is not updating run/cycling level correctly [In Game Errors] (1)
Quarq DZero power meter holds wattage indefinitely when user stops pedaling [In Game Errors] (2)
Follow Request stuck in "grey state" waiting for approval [Zwift Companion Issues] (4)
Zwifters riding in the woods in New York course [In Game Errors] (14)
Challenge totals are showing negative values on PC [In Game Errors] (1)
Update (12/13/2018): Users report being misrouted in events [Events/Mission Issues] (4)
Zwifters have reported discrepancy in Training Plan workouts between Zwift and Zwift Companion [In Game Errors] (1)
Workout Mode blocks may be truncated by miliseconds [In Game Errors] (1)
Warmups/Cooldowns Show Halved Cadence Target [In Game Errors] (1)
In Game Screenshots Corrupted [In Game Errors] (1)
Android users cannot pair to the Viiiiva Heart Rate monitor [Trainer/Device Issues] (1)