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General bugs that happen in game have a home here.

UPDATE (1/28/2019) Run avatars stopping and starting during their run (20)
Zwift on Android showing Black Screen (7)
Calibration Timeout may Occur for CycleOps Trainers (9)
Fixed: Zwift crashing on End Ride or Exit when in German language (20)
Tour de Zwift Credit ( 2 ) (25)
Update (1/15/19) No HUD in screenshots for Mac/PC ( 2 ) (22)
Update (12/13/2018): Riders disappear and reappear periodically (4)
Some Zwifters are reporting game crashes on Mac following update to Mojave OS 10.14 (10)
Cloud Sync | Newly created Workouts are not being placed in the correct folder, causing Cloud Sync to fail (2)
Tour de Zwift Crashing (1)
Zwifters not seeing other riders appearing in the Race Results (2)
Update (12/10/18) Wahoo Climb mission not updating progress ( 2 ) (23)
Apple TV: Switching from Ride to Run pairs and unpairs repeatedly causing non progression (1)
Zwift Companion is not updating run/cycling level correctly (1)
Quarq DZero power meter holds wattage indefinitely when user stops pedaling (2)
Zwifters riding in the woods in New York course (14)
Challenge totals are showing negative values on PC (1)
Zwifters have reported discrepancy in Training Plan workouts between Zwift and Zwift Companion (1)
Workout Mode blocks may be truncated by miliseconds (1)
Warmups/Cooldowns Show Halved Cadence Target (1)
In Game Screenshots Corrupted (1)