Feature Requests

Using XPs or TSS for power-up purchase in races [Feature Requests] (1)
Language selection on Zwift Companion App [Feature Requests] (9)
Weight equalizer / Handicap / Race option [Feature Requests] (5)
Level 25 riders should always get a power up ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (21)
Gear sets / Equipment manager [Feature Requests] (2)
Borderless windowed mode [Feature Requests] (6)
Customize Ride On Face (Game Face) [Feature Requests] (2)
Kickr Climb in Workouts ( 2 ) [Feature Requests] (23)
Average Miles per Hour for Ride [Feature Requests] (7)
Integrated FTP Step Test Option [Feature Requests] (3)
Meetup [Feature Requests] (1)
Pizza Power alternative [Feature Requests] (13)
Club jersey for Bolt Race Team [Feature Requests] (17)
Accepted Events Schedule Viewing [Feature Requests] (1)
Instant replay after sprint! [Feature Requests] (2)
Workout - Holiday Pause [Feature Requests] (10)
Leader jersey on achievement page [Feature Requests] (6)
Alpe Du Zwift or Any Big Hill Sector Stats [Feature Requests] (3)
Personal Best Bot [Feature Requests] (11)
Virtual Garmin/Wahoo computer to replace the fixed/static fields in Zwift [Feature Requests] (1)
Disable cloud sync option [Feature Requests] (2)
Workout meet-ups [Feature Requests] (1)
Improved connection [Feature Requests] (2)
ESC : Brings up the Game Menu [Feature Requests] (3)
Official Strava Segments with Markers [Feature Requests] (16)
Support for cyclops alu rollers (with resistance) - all data included in post for developers [Feature Requests] (3)
Gap time during races [Feature Requests] (3)
Group ride start speed neutralization [Feature Requests] (7)
Keirin track racing sessions [Feature Requests] (2)
All the world at once [Feature Requests] (19)